#Video: how the Apple Watch Series 4 faster older models

Not so long ago was presented the new generation of smart watches — Apple Watch Series 4. Smart watch was pretty seriously updated compared to its predecessors is the new design, larger screen size, improved speaker. But one of the main improvements hours this year is an efficient S4 processor built on 64 bit architecture. Apple claims that the upgraded chip will allow to increase in speed twice. Whether so it actually? Let’s see the following comparison of current and old models of the Apple Watch.

Participated in testing all models, starting with the first: the Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and the original Apple Watch is available in 2015. In order to find out how the current model of a smart watch ahead of its predecessors, was carried out the following tests:

  • Test speed switching.
  • Check on the startup speed of applications.
  • How quickly responds the voice assistant Siri.

The testing results were quite expected and predictable. Of course, the Apple Watch Series 4 steel faster compared to predecessors, however, a significant difference between Series 4 and Series 3 was found. But when it comes to comparisons with Series 2 and earlier models, here is a huge difference in performance: for example, Series 4 was involved in only 40 seconds, whereas as the original Apple Watch and the Series 2 — for 5 and 4 minutes respectively.

A similar situation is observed when running applications. Series 4 is only slightly faster than Series 3, but Series 2 and older versions of the watch are lagging very much. This is especially true of the original Apple Watch, which has not the highest performing processor.
Summarizing, we can confidently say that the feasibility of updating from Series 3 to Series 4 is not so obvious as in the case with the older models. But going with an outdated Apple Watch, you will notice significantly increased performance.

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