#Video: How to assemble iPhone X and how much it costs

The high price is probably the main, if not only claim to X. iPhone Quality camera, excellent display, high performance with this smartphone there is no problem, but it is worth mentioning its price, as many begin to think about the existence of Xiaomi. Leading YouTube channel Nikolay Tanev decided to see how serious he’ll be able to save money if not to buy iPhone X in the store and assemble it yourself from parts smartphones donors.

To gather the necessary details, the blogger had to visit a special market in Shenzhen China. There, according to him, he found all the necessary components, many of which were original. To find them was not difficult, because in China is very widespread resale of working parts, taken from the failed equipment.

How much are spare parts for iPhone

  • Logic Board 64 GB of memory, and Face ID — $ 280;
  • Rear panel (includes the camera, battery, wireless charging, NFC module, a motor Taptic Engine and other components) – $ 100;
  • New battery (in the end not useful) – $ 11;
  • The screws and silicone gasket for moisture protection – $ 2;
  • Display – $ 130;
  • Packaging — $ 4;
  • Total: $ 516

According to the author of the video, he tried to find the original components in perfect or close to perfect condition that the smartphone was as good as new. However, he stresses, if desired, could be saved, choosing have been in use parts, or Chinese replicas. In this case, the savings could be quite significant.

The Assembly of the smartphone was carried out by a local craftsman, which, according to his own statement, Foxconn is working on and has already collected thousands of iPhone. Master not only collected all the components together, but also held a “pre-sale” test the unit using special equipment. He made sure all sensors, cameras and interface Face ID.

Is the game worth the candle? If we consider that the work done is just an experiment — definitely Yes. At the same time, the author’s experience is unlikely to be useful to the majority of consumers, which is crucial guarantee. And, considering that the new iPhone X can now be found for about $ 650, meaning self-Assembly disappears altogether.

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