Video: Huawei says that Apple did not provide any new

It seems that Huawei didn’t write the page published by yesterday after the announcement of the iPhones 2018 thankful that Apple is relinquishing the title of phone Year phone dead 20.

Has published science the Chinese video the same again today with the hashtag in the sense of “higher intelligence” and that the phones that Apple did not provide any new authority and encourages them to it, to be the innovative cell phones of the dead 20 when its declaration of 16 October next.

Is not the first time Huawei’s competitors with her phone dead, 20 boldly, and from Note 9 also promised updates real, but what if the big surprise of Google Phone Pixel 3 XL more sophisticated !

In another video, form Huawei its audience for their support as innovative, while showing a man being but in the ring represent the logo invitation Apple for iPhones 2018.

For for dead 20 dead 20 Pro, reaffirmed Huawei’s coming processor Kern 980 core 7 nm and that the screen will be for 6.3 and 6.9-inch, respectively, and options-RAM will be 6 to 8 gigabytes take the tuner with two options of storage capacity that starts from 64 gigabytes, and one of the biggest advantages will be the camera of the tripartite made with P20 Pro, but will take the form of a box with a LED flash.

The monitoring of the dead, with 20 of the thought that one of the employees of Huawei at the IFA 2018

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