#video | humanoid robot Boston Dynamics has a competitor

Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics already in 2017 could do somersaults , and perform other elements of parkour. He had a competitor who in the future will learn to do the same — it’s a robot, Digit, developed by startup Agility Robotics from Oregon state University. He also has two legs and a pair of arms that can lift weights up to 18 kg and even catching falling objects. Unlike robots Boston Dynamics, the novelty has a more futuristic design. He is already credited with a great future in the field of parcel delivery.

Робот Digit от Agility Robotics

Judging by the photos, Digit built on the platform shown in the video the robot Cassie. However, it is more perfect, due to the presence of the torso, arms and a variety of sensors, allowing him to better navigate in space. It is believed that advanced system management will allow him to easily move objects in cluttered rooms and stairwells.

According to technical Director Agility Robotics Jonathan Hirst, robot Digit they have big plans. In the future, after several updates, he will be able to demonstrate the flexibility of movements at the level of the robots by Boston Dynamics. New humanoid can be useful in the entertainment industry and in the delivery of parcels. For example, he will be able to deliver the food, reducing the need to living couriers and Autonomous robots with wheels.

The robot can have on the lifestyles of people such an influence, as well as cars. It can completely change the method of shipping and to have an impact even on the city plan.

Jonathan Hurst, Executive Director, Agility Robotics.

Digit robot designed for a wide audience, so it will be able to buy anyone. Price information will be revealed in mid-2019, while deliveries will commence in the first quarter of 2020.

What do you think will pass if Agility Robotics a giant like Boston Dynamics? Write your guesses in the comments, and to discuss the robot in our Telegram chat.

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