Video: iFixit dismantle device 2020 iPad Pro scanner LiDAR

The company iFixit introduced a video clip of a new show through its process of dismantling the device 2020 iPad Pro and we look at the internal parts of the device.

The process of dismantling a closer look unit of the camera of the new device, which is characterized by lens wide-angle 12-megapixel camera to the side of the lens wide angle very accurately 10 megapixel. It has been the highlight of the scanner, LiDAR new.

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The interesting thing is to offer a fascinating look at the laser beams that are emitted from the scanner using an infrared camera.

Has appeared to us that the scanner LiDAR in the iPad Pro doesn’t use a lot of projections such as camera True Depth used in the iPhone for a Face ID.

Praises iFixit also the fact that USB-C is easily repaired or replaced if necessary. But almost everything else in the 2020 iPad Pro is fixed in place using glue, making it difficult to access anything else. For example, to replace the battery, you must remove the House panel, which is glued firmly.

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