Video imagine: for iPhone folding opens like the iPad mini

Before you have Samsung to postpone the launch of phone Galaxy Fuld, the research company of Korea to establish a timetable showing companies expected to release the phone a folding time of occurrence, the menu includes all of Samsung, Huawei and LG share up Vivo, Motorola, and even Microsoft, the last name is Apple, where it is rumored that the iPhone rollaway will be released in the second half of next year, but certainly the problems encountered by Samsung has many changes occur in this schedule.

Timeline shows when major manufacturers are expected to launch a foldable phone

In the meantime, the company issued ConceptsCreator video clip imagine for a folding called iFlex, but it is worth noting that the makers of this video don’t have the same constraints, engineers, designers real, so they become creative when it comes to fitting the components together.

The video shows a foldable phone inside like Galaxy Fuld, which is equipped with a quad background, with foreign compared to 5.4 inches, with a height estimated at 9:16, while the inner screen compared to 7.9 ratio of 3:4, this volume is familiar because it is similar with the size of the screen used in the iPad Mini, and since it is a video of imagine, the things like trade in the middle of the inner screen has been removed, although the phone looks amazing, only that its price would surely be very high.

Illustration from a patent application filed by Apple related to a foldable iPhone

With regard to the Apple company, it has filed some patents related to iPhone retractable, and may be the most important parts are the screen and hinges, has introduced Apple TV patents for each of them, where they reveal one of them by heating up the screen flexible in cold weather so not related to fragility and breakage, and patented the other dealt with the use of material to fill up the empty bottom of the screen when fully open.

Source: ConceptsCreator

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