#video | In China created a copy of the robot from Boston Dynamics SpotMini

In the summer of 2019, the company Boston Dynamics will start to sell their four-legged robots SpotMini which are useful in the industrial field due to its ability to carry heavy weights and walk up the stairs. Everyone seems soon he will be a very similar competitor robot AlienGo produced by Chinese company Unitree Robotics. As SpotMini, he is able to move using four limbs and quite possibly will soon be available for purchase.

The new design was created based on the in 2017 robot Laikago, which got its name in honor of the dog-cosmonaut Laika. In contrast to the predecessor, the four-legged AlienGo got a full protective case and a number of visual sensors on its front. The company did not disclose what kind of sensors embedded in the robot, but, judging by the video, he definitely has a stereo camera and an infrared depth camera.

Case AlienGo made as flat as possible — actuators mounted on the legs and lower segments, almost did not stand out. Due to the abundance of the actuator, the robot can move not only forward and backward, but also to make bends and turns. Unfortunately, at the moment the company is not sharing any information except the video.

It is expected that AlienGo will go on sale the same as the previous design Unitree Robotics. Information about the date of start of sales and cost yet, as evidence that he has the same power as the SpotMini. For example, at the moment it is not clear whether there is enough power Chinese robots to tow a huge truck.

What do you think about the Chinese clone SpotMini? Whether Unitree Robotics to compete with Boston Dynamics? Their opinions can be shared in the comments, or in our Telegram chat.

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