#video | In the UK found the giant jellyfish the size of a man

At the moment scientists know of over 2000 species of jellyfish. These creatures are similar to the transparent umbrellas are 90% water and live in almost all seas of the planet. It would seem that they are already fairly well understood by people and almost nothing can surprise us, but in nature there are individuals who can shock with its size. One such jellyfish was recently able to see the presenter named Lizzie Daly discovered specimen reached the dimensions of an adult.

A giant jellyfish was discovered by accident when Lizzie had gone scuba diving on the coast of the English town of Falmouth. When she swam up to the beautiful and Grand creation, it realized it has a really great body. To capture the presenter and unusual aquatic inhabitants could operator Dan Abbott, who said he had never seen a jellyfish of this size.

Jellyfish the size of a man

According to biologists, the researchers of marine spaces were barrel jellyfish. At birth its length is only a few millimeters, but over time it grows to one and a half meters in length and can weigh up to 35 pounds. Usually this kind of jellyfish is found in the Black, Azov, Mediterranean and Adriatic seas and eats fish and other small aquatic animals.

Researchers believe that jellyfish could grow to such enormous sizes due to the fact that she lived in the vast open sea. If the place of its habitat was limited, for example, an aquarium, she’d still be small. It is noteworthy that the closer to the jellyfish better not, because they may leave on the body painful burns.

The biggest jellyfish

In history there is a moment when people were able to meet with even more huge Medusa. This event occurred in 1870, when on the coast of North America the body was dumped on the so-called lanei. The length of the tentacles of this sea giant was 36 meters, and the diameter of the dome was more than two meters. It is believed that this jellyfish was greater than the largest animal on the planet, the blue whale, whose length is about 25 meters.

Giant jellyfish — cyanea

This type of jellyfish is considered particularly dangerous to humans because of its multiple tentacles left on the body severe burns. Although unpleasant clashes of people and jellyfish in the entire history was pretty much fatal case was only one.

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