#video | In the United States tested a microwave gun

In recent times the army of different countries are paying increasing attention to the fight against unmanned aerial vehicles. For example, the specialists of the American defense company Raytheon has experienced one of the military sites the latest microwave gun, which very effectively deals with drones and even missiles.

The tests took place at the military training ground of Oklahoma called Fort Sill. Itself microwave gun is called High-Powered Microwave (HPM). Creation of the company Raytheon was able to remotely destroy 45 of unmanned aerial vehicles of different types and even 6 mortar shells. The feature of HPM in the fact that she was a single shot take down from 2-3 drone, located at a distance from each other.

In addition, the experts emphasize that in the future, the existing mobile systems can be easily converted to work with HPM. It is also worth noting that the development is carried out in the framework of the Ministry of defense Maneuver Fires Integrated Experiment, which is aimed at producing cheap and at the same time effective means of dealing with drones. In the framework of this programme also created a laser gun HEL (High Energy Laser). But she, unlike HRM, a valid point, and knocks down a single aircraft. The video itself is testing gun is available below.

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