#video | is it Possible to survive a fall from a motorcycle at the speed of 346 km/h?

What do you think, what kind of transportation is more dangerous for human life — motorcyclesor cars? If you think motorcycles, you’re absolutely right, because according to statistics motorcyclists are killed in traffic accidents much more often than motorists. This is not surprising, because they have lost control of the motorcycle, the person may easy to fly and get a lot of deadly fractures from bumps on the asphalt. However, recently one professional rider managed to survive after falling from motorcycle at a speed of 346 kilometers per hour.

The accident occurred on the competition drag racing NHRA Northwest Nationals in the U.S. state of Washington. The race, held in the framework of this event, are short rides on a straight track at high speeds. Depending on the event involving cars and motorcycles. Amazing event occurred during the race on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Whether a person will survive after falling from a motorcycle?

One of the drivers named Bo lane well started in, standing on the rear wheel. However, subsequently he had to stand on both wheels and there was a problem — the man lost control of the motorcycle, and it started to be pulled out to the side. Subsequently, the driver crashed into a fence at the speed of 346 kilometers per hour and landed on the asphalt. The bike went on, but the rider flew across the asphalt about hundred metres.

All that happened is a very terrible sight. However, fans are surprised that after the fall man got to his feet and began to walk independently. Medical examination showed that his bones remained intact, but the man suffered several injuries and a deep cut on his arm. It is reported that due to injured he needed surgery, but what exactly — is unknown.

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Gear rider can save a life

Most likely, the motorcyclist survived thanks to his equipment. Especially vulnerable body parts of the riders are back, neck, elbows and knees. On this basis, the clothing of motorcyclists, consists of a protective helmet, motorcycle jackets, gloves and pants. Judging by the video, all items of clothing the motorcyclist was — they probably took the entire blow.

Although the motorcycle and continued driving, eventually he collapsed

Motorcycles Harley-Davidson, in turn, once again has proven its power and reliability. Not only that, participating in the race model in seconds clocked up 346 kilometers per hour, and survived the strong beat and went on. At the moment the company is developing new models of motorcycles, one of which runs on electricity. In early 2019, it has been proven that electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire, can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3 seconds.

The accident is another reminder of how important it is to wear a helmet and protective clothing when driving a motorcycle. To discuss the video in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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