#video | killer Whales started hunting for white sharks

It is believed that white sharks are the most dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans. This is not surprising because these underwater predators weigh more than 1,100 pounds, able to accelerate to 56 miles an hour and have about 300 has several rows of teeth. But did you know that even these blood-thirsty monsters are the enemies that can rip them to shreds? Recently, marine biologists have found that the main enemies of white sharks are predatory whales — orcas. Conservationist Elton Polly was able to capture the hunt of the killer whale on a white shark on video.

Killer whales weigh up to 5,400 kilograms

The video was published dealing with environmental protection organization Oceans Research in Facebook. It can be seen cutting the water, shark’s fin and chasing them orcas. According to representatives of the organizations nearby of the scene was seen several white sharks, but hunting them was not. Given the choice, which unfolded in the event, meeting the whales and sharks were not random.

What to eat killer whales?

The fact that the underwater predators were observed near the island Forces, located in Mossel Bay (South Africa). On this small piece of land is home to around 3000 Cape fur seals, so this place is very interesting not only for tourists but also for hungry white sharks. As it turned out, this place also sail orcas, who is always eager to eat shark meat.

Cape fur seals — good prey for white sharks

Especially orcas like liver white sharks — this is evidenced by the beached body, deprived of this authority. Scientists believe that love is predatory whales to shark liver due nutrition of this organ. In the 2013 study, it was found that the weight of the liver of the white shark averages 456 kilograms and contains about 400 litres of oil. Thanks to this rich shark liver is able to withstand migration at a very long distance.

The main enemies of white sharks

Conservationists intend to trace the interaction of killer whales and white sharks and see what happens next. As a rule, predatory whales, sharks try rather to swim away from their territory and can not go back years. But, as observations showed that sharks are able to travel long distances in order to meet each other in the same place. Only here to explain why traditional meetings of scientists have been unable.

The length of a killer whale is 8 meters

Whatever threat was not considered sharks, even they find themselves in a very unpleasant situation and become victims of even small fish. For example, during recent searches of the sunken in 1943, ship SS Bloody Marsh researchers noted, as a small shark was swallowed by the stone bass. The moment was filmed on video — see it in our special article.

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If you are interested to know more about the life of whales, I recommend to watch the documentary “the Whale” in 2003. It’s really amazing creatures — with all its power and ferocity, they never attacked a man. Yes, in the history of many cases of attacks by killer whales on ships, which have killed people, directly, these animals did not attack us.

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