Video leaked new, not a mysterious phone company ZTE with a second screen in the back


Been unveiled the phone ZTE Nubia Z18 earlier this month with a screen cover 91.8 percent of the interface device. However, this phone still comes with one screen only, but in the case if the video was leaked today hinting to something, it alludes to that we’ll see a new phone company ZTE will probably get the name of the ZTE Nubia Z18S with two screens instead of one screen.

This video shows us a prototype of smart phone is the mysterious company ZTE features a second screen in the backend it is much larger than the second screen used in the Meizu phone Pro 7. It’s big enough to run the user interface the full phone.

The interest behind such a screen and the second is the possibility of using it to take pictures of a weapon with dual rear camera for example but not limited to. As you’ve probably noticed, there is no cut in the front screen, and in fact there is also a front camera, but why will yourself when there is a dual camera is able to do better than the front camera can do.

The other thing of note on the phone that appears in this video is the sensor of the fingerprint which is on the side. For phone ZTE Nubia Z18 current, it includes sensor fingerprint in the back. Because of the advent of this mysterious phone with a second screen in the back, have had company ZTE to move the sensor fingerprint to the side.

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