Video – leaked Oppo Reno with the design of the camera does not have in any other phone!

Use the Oppo to detect the new phone under the name of Oppo Reno as a new competitor in the smartphone market, with the specification of new designs, competitive prices.

تسريب Oppo Reno مع تصميم كاميرا لايوجد في أي هاتف آخر

Leaked Oppo Reno with the design of the camera does not have in any other phone

Even now there are many leaks about Oppo Reno new which like any leaks about the phone is average, but the latest videos leaked revealed the design of the front camera don’t look like any camera on a smartphone currently.

New camera on Phone Oppo Reno camera is considered a popup, but it is puzzling where they move at a certain angle, not vertically like camera phones pop up ordinary.

Camera Oppo Reno new:

So now we can’t know whether this new camera will meet the approbation of the users or not, but we have some new leaks about the phone that reveal about the specifications of the other.

Specifications of the Oppo Reno :

Was the inclusion of two models of Oppo Reno with model number PCAM00 and PCAT00 in the platform TENAA, will the phone comes standard with a processor Snapdragon 710 and the memory of Random Access 6 GB RAM, memory storage of 256 GB, the screen is accurately 2340×1080 pixels.

Also there will be another version of the Renault specifications such as Super-Snapdragon 855 SoC, camera three the wallpaper, the battery 4065 mAh with fast charging at 50 Watts, has been carrying this version the title of “Pro” if the model is Snapdragon 710 holds the title of “Lite”.

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