#video | looks Like the biggest turtle in the world?

Probably very few people can be surprised by the fact that turtles are a very ancient species of animals. According to paleontologists, they appeared more than 200 million years ago, lived in the time of dinosaurs. Today, scientists know of about 328 species of reptiles these creatures, but the special place in this list are leatherback turtles. Unlike everyone else, they have a truly giant size, and next to them the people seem small and defenseless creatures. Recently one of the largest individuals of leatherback turtles were able to videotape on-site on Florida Hutchinson island.

Leatherback turtles have truly enormous body size

Since the island is a popular destination for many people, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the giant tortoise was discovered by the tourists. Fortunately, none of the witnesses did not approach it — they just quietly watched and filmed it on video. Huge representative species leatherback sea turtle slowly crawled on land to the water and soon disappeared in the waves. About an unusual meeting of people and the turtles told the publication Truly Mind.

As turtles lay their eggs?

Apparently, in the eyes of tourists caught the female who buried their eggs near the shore. Such a sight can be seen rarely because of the species of turtles crawl ashore only at night and during the day they can be seen only during laying eggs every 1-3 years. In the breeding season females can do up to 7 clutches of a hundred eggs, and the intervals between the delay equals approximately 10 days. Depth of nests dug at least one meter — the eggs are carefully buried to protect it from predators.

By the way, in the future because of global warming the turtle eggs will hatch only females

From hundreds of eggs subsequently hatch, which almost immediately out of the nest and crawl to the water. These tiny creatures then become true giants with a body length of 2.6 meters and almost the same span last. Body weight with all of this equals an impressive 916 kilograms. Anyway, these turtles are still larger than even people. To raise such giants without special machines impossible.

The leatherback turtle under water

In addition to giant size, these turtles differ from their congeners by the structure of the body. Firstly, their armor no way associated with the skeleton and consists of small plates of bone. Secondly, the surface of the carapace covered with a thick layer of skin that protects the turtles is not worse than chitin, scales and other common animals protective formations. Everything else is quite ordinary turtles that live in the tropics and feed on fish, crayfish and jellyfish.

This is interesting: the Turtles started to eat the plastic. What to do with it?

Why the turtles are hunting poachers?

At the moment, leatherback turtles are under special protection because their nest is coveted of many poachers. The fact that their eggs on the black market are highly valued as aphrodisiacs — substances that increase people libido.

Interesting fact: the word aphrodisiac was named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite.

Hunting for the eggs of leatherbacks is so serious a problem that in 2013, in an attempt to reach the desired, poachers killed a young animal activist. Costa Rican activist named Jairo Mora Sandoval was hit and killed while patrolling the beach in San Jose.

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