Video Motorola for its folding RAZR stolen from one of the content creators

Two days ago I participated Lenovo video phone brand Motorola rollaway RAZR with many of the media have to highlight this news being Phone features in a manner different folds, to be the son that Lenovo may use a video of one of the content creators is ” Waqar Khan” in promoting its propaganda for a proactive phone has removed your logo YouTube the competent technical sphere and the logo of its brand Motorola.

Commented Khan on this violation by saying that he didn’t give Lenovo the right to use the video and did not communicate with him or tell him the intention of using its contents, where it appears that the company had to crop many of the shots from my video which contains the designs of his own and his phone next and merge it in a video from the company with inlays to meet the very short show detailed folding in the phone as has been already mentioned, to show like a video of the original brand Motorola.

To fit the image in the opposite direction completely after becoming there is hope that the company closer to launch her phone, foldable, and brought this report to the tens of question marks about the sincerity of the company will actually apply it standing or are you gonna be my perceptions, this is what will unfold during the next period or in the case of a response of Lenovo to defend itself in a struggle to gain credibility.

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