Video: Nissan made Slippers left itself

It seems that the system of co-driver’s role wasn’t made for cars alone, as revealed Nissan this week about the use of the system at Japanese, where to put the technique within ordinary things, such as flip flops and tables and floor cushions. The same mechanism applied by the system on the car to park it in the right place without any human help apply the elements come to her office not in the room, this might be a helping tool for the management of hostels, but give the scene a fun to its visitors All the slipper, as we see it has two wheels and two small, it also has a motor sensor to speak the same the same the Office of the specific. Recall that this is not the first to use Nissan technology in ordinary things, the past made the Chair move yourself to the person who needs in the classroom when the leaves of the was held, also produces a set of chairs in the row are streamlined to have the role to what is described by grade, like the box office.

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