#video of the day: Landing all three stages of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy

12 APR SpaceX conducted the first successful commercial launch of a super-heavy rocket , the Falcon Heavy. The media has put into orbit a new communications satellite Arabsat 6A, while SpaceX is the first time in its history, could carry out the landing from the three exhaust accelerators. See how it was.

First (three minutes after launch), the rocket separated at first the two side of the accelerator that started its descent to the Ground. In a minute they were off the main stage of the rocket, which is also the start of the planned reduction and preparation for landing. Just a few minutes, the side boosters successfully landed on a set of Landing Zone 1 and Landing Zone 2 of the company SpaceX to U.S. air force Base at Cape Canaveral, and the main stage of the village on the Autonomous barge “Of Course I Still Love You” in the Atlantic ocean.

Despite the fact that at the convergence stage with the platform, the camera briefly disappeared, and soon the video began again, so we just made sure that landing on the barge was a success (if only SpaceX has not changed the level to another, which is highly unlikely).

Why is it necessary?

Successful fit of all accelerators and steps needed for their reuse, and it will change the very idea of space travel. For example, the cost of the Falcon rocket is approximately $ 60 million, with about 70 percent of its value is in the first stage, so it is re-run will significantly reduce the costs associated with the production and launch of rockets. Representatives of Space X note that in the future I plan to increase the life cycle of each rocket and to increase the number of runs to twenty. Here you can read a story about the development of SpaceX and how the company is miraculously saved itself from crushing defeat.

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