Video: operation Experience Huawei P20 Pro

Not so long ago held the world premiere of the smartphone Huawei Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. At the presentation talked a lot about what they should surprise us with how they work, first and foremost, a camera. We tried to use them for a couple weeks and see how Huawei, as they say, could.

I day by day faced with top-end smartphones at work. For myself, I also have to choose a flagship device, as their power and camera I need based on my needs. At the time I questioned the need for such devices and even expressed his point of view on this issue.

That is why I am hard to surprise, and it was very interesting, will it be able to do Huawei P20 and especially the Pro version, which I chose as primary for the study.

Many people still don’t believe in Huawei only because people mistakenly believe the company is very young and inexperienced. It’s like she just appeared out of nowhere and started churning out smartphones. In fact it is the largest telecommunications giant that is a leader in its field and which has existed for more than 30 years, during which are constantly engaged in research and development.

Speaking about the smartphone, the first thing is to tell you about ergonomics. When the smartphone hits the hand, the feeling that he was there. I liked how the Huawei smartphones are in hand. This applies to the previous models of the series “R” series “Nova” and even most smartphones that are made under the brand of Honor, though not to all. However, Huawei Mate 10, despite his cool the stuffing, I don’t very well lay in a hand, so there are exceptions.

Fingerprint scanner — how to Huawei R10, and is located on the front panel just below the screen. If it is not very convenient, you always have the option to use the face scanner, which has become the gold standard just for all manufacturers.

Like most smartphones, whose roots are in China, Huawei P20 and P20 Pro on the screen out of the box glued film. I say this without irony, so it’s nice and always gives a choice to the buyer to leave it or tear. But do not need to glue and to develop their skills for avoiding dust and air bubbles, everything is glued smoothly and efficiently.

The Power button, as in the previous model, has a particular decoration, which is expressed in the red stripes. However a year ago in red was painted the face buttons and not slip on it. But still as a nice decorative element that looks good, though not new.

Regarding Huawei P10, materials have changed. Now the back wall of glass, not metal. Last year was also glass, but in the form of a strip in the upper part of the body. Now the case looks more holistically, and, to my taste, it is much more harmonious.

The headphone Jack, as expected, on the housing there, but the package is very rich, it has its own headphones. However, we all know what the bundled headphones and they are, therefore, included is a adapter, if you do not want to abandon the wired sound.

About the ledge at the top of the screen in the autumn of last year does not mean just lazy. Someone openly dislikes him, someone to appreciate, someone indifferent. Yet, as practice shows, most people are negative. Personally, I treat the ledge normally and believe that it is better to hide in the “ears” of the service information and the screen be left for more interesting information.

In P20 and P20 Pro also has bangs, but it is very small. compared to the one that made the iPhone X. There is in it more elements, but now I’m not talking about functionality, but about appearance. Those who it bothers, can activate the corresponding mode in the settings and hide the region under the black strip. Thanks to the AMOLED screen, the projection will not be visible and will seem like just a small top frame.

Like I said, the camera is the most basic thing that should be noted in this smartphone. What about artificial intelligence, which is responsible for translation of texts, the optimization of the device and other user-friendly features. He or she is responsible for the operation of the camera. Though, apparently, he does it very well.

The camera is designed in conjunction with Leica. Maybe it does not, but judging from how it takes, it becomes clear that the work done is not in vain. And if you look at how the manufacturer insisted on the presentation that this is Leica, it becomes clear that this is not just a logo. Logos are not just glue, even you have to earn it and make the camera corresponding to certain quality standards.

Camera Huawei P20 Pro triple. When I saw the leak a few months before the premiere, I thought it was just a marketing story, and we need these three modules exclusively to attract customers, but the real benefit from them will be no, but when I saw what they’re capable of, I immediately changed my mind.

Proof of my words will be the results of DxOMark rating, which from the third to the seventh place smartphones is within two points. And is the top flagship, which came literally in the last time. Huawei P20 lost them three points, and P20 Pro by 10! Is not this suggests that the camera is truly head and shoulders above the competition.

At the presentation talked a lot about what the camera has some unrealistic values of ISO, which are not just several times more than the iPhone X and the Samsung S9, but even equal to the maximum ISO Canon 5D. Unfortunately, this is one and done is often quite different.

Not to mention that in this case, the manufacturer made some tweaks, but made it so that the buyer will not feel cheated. The camera will not be able night with a shutter speed of 1/60 of a second to do the day but this SLR can’t. The difference is that in the case of a professional camera will have to use a tripod, and Huawei P20 Pro can do the 4-second exposure with it.

In conventional automatic mode, the camera can also slightly brighten the image, but leave the noise and still will not make it so bright as in the special night mode.

If, at the time when the camera absorbs light in the frame, there will be a slight movement, artificial intelligence processes and liquidates. Therefore, to obtain a clear picture enough not to shake hands, and just keep them more or less evenly and that the frame didn’t move anything. In the photo below, the dog stood at the time when the survey was carried out, but in the photo she still is.

Similar thing with shutter speed and lightening has already been applied in smartphones, but before I had to use a tripod. Now it is not.

In addition, the camera allows you to shoot with extended range, when multiple zones are collected from different images, and they don’t turn out overexposed or too dark. However, in this mode, the image sometimes it’s too contrasting, but all objects will be visible. It’s better than a white sky or a dark square in the background.

Do not forget the Chinese and about the portrait mode. Vaunted portrait mode on the iPhone X no longer seems so cool and perfect. Pixel even with their neural networks also ceases to look like the clear leader. And becomes just a good manufacturer of portraits. While the portraits on Huawei P20 Pro not just work with a soft blur, but also allow you to add effects such as lighting, such as in the same iPhone X. However, there is less.

Also separately it is necessary to talk about the zoom, which works much better than all the competitors. Below are images respectively in the normal mode, with three times optical zoom, with five times optical zoom ten times with the digital zoom. All pictures are taken with it.

An example of a normal photo:

Sample photos from 3 magnification:

Example photos with 5x magnification:

Example photo with a 10x loupe-a magnification:

The maximum resolution of the camera is 40 MP, but if you choose this permission, then the zoom will not be available. Personally, I don’t see the point to remove from this resolution, in my opinion, it’s just clogging the internal memory pictures with excessive resolution. It is better to make a regular 10-Megapixel images in good quality and have all the zoom.

Front camera allows you to take pictures with a resolution of almost 25 MP, which is not surprising for this manufacturer, as Huawei has always made a big emphasis on sebasky, and what is especially nice, they don’t flirt with the systems improved appearance. Therefore, in smartphones Huawei the effect of the soft. In P20 Pro really helps in this artificial intelligence, which generally contributes to the creation of the photos in this smartphone.

Besides good images, the camera can shoot good video. 4K has long been no surprise, but to remove a frequency of 960 frames per second while only a handful of smartphones. Now among them Huawei. The function is interesting, allows you to see the highlights, but it is not so important in daily life, so it is usually fun long, and then come back to it a couple of times a year.

Besides, the camera has standard modes for shooting anything that Huawei integrates almost all their smartphones, but thanks to artificial intelligence camera itself can determine the stage. For example, when I turned the camera on the concert side of the screen was written “concert”, and when I turned the camera on her cat, the phone realized it was a cat.

About the other corporate functions Huawei have not forgotten. For example, such as a selection screen with his knuckles, and others. Thus, if in Honor 9 Lite it didn’t work very well and not always the first time, Huawei P20 Pro it works efficiently and right the first time.

To say that the smartphone runs on Snapdragon 845, didn’t matter. It’s the best thing in the industry at the moment, and it is the others. For me it was more important to share emotions from the use of a smartphone.

I believe this is the first in a long time, the smartphone that brought something really interesting and let again, this is not a revolution, but rather a strong evolutionary leap, but it’s there, and it separates Huawei, which already won second place on sales in Russia on the background of competitors. If the company will continue in the same spirit, then it has every chance and more.

Yes, you can complain to the bangs, but it’s a matter of taste, someone may like it. To objective not even flaws, but rather to the fact that you can correct, you can include a camera that cannot shoot full HD at 960 fps, but it will as a job in the future for the engineers of Huawei.

By the way, for the doubters in the strength of the glass… I dropped the mobile from height about meter on a wooden floor, and nothing happened. If I were a stone, maybe he crashed, but on the tree it didn’t break the skin.

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