Video: oppo zhuge camera three phone R17 Pro

Revealed days ago for the phone OBO R17 to be the first bottle protection cor a glass drinking 6, as it supports reader compact footprint of the company, has the company disclosed today that R17 Pro will come back with a triple while retaining the advantages mentioned.

The function of the second camera

With no industry to cool augmented reality apps in smartphones, some raise the idea to support the rear camera to three-dimensional on the things of the importance that the applications of augmented reality, perhaps the camera function R17 Pro.

Instead of focusing setup the triple of the camera to improve the photography experience like that with a phone P20 Pro, you might come to the benefits of the camera oppo find X Front (existing first iPhone X), but for all elements of the scene and its three dimensions instead of the user’s face only.

Knowing that the oppo has yet to confirm any of the above only the preparation of the camera trio, and also the recognition of things in its three dimensions requires the use of a camera, time of flight , which depend on measuring the distance between the camera and each point in the scene to see the depth of each point and then draw a three-dimensional map of the scene, a feature found cameras the depth of the real iPhone X find X.

In this regard, according to the rumors that one of the lenses will be the girl of a variable like that in the Galaxy S9 and Nokia 9, which is changed by the aperture value to implement landscape lighting, shall be wide in the introduction of the light of the many and to clarify the picture as accurately as possible to narrow the end to introduce the proper amount of light without affecting the clarity of the picture, it is believed that comes R17 Pro processor Snapdragon 710 strongest middle class is what keeps the price of the phone low and enjoyable for the judges.

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