#Video | Pizza Hut and Toyota unveiled a robot that will cook the pizza during the delivery

Robots that do a variety of “human” Affairs (including cooking) is no surprise. But large global pizza chain Pizza Hut and the famous automaker Toyota still want to try to do it. And along the way, and to change the approach to the delivery of food. The fact that the company unveiled a robot that cooks pizza in the kitchen and in a specially equipped car, which already carries the order to the customer.

The presentation took place during the exhibition SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) in Las Vegas during the presentation of new products from Toyota. Mobile factory for the production of pizza is located in the back of a pickup Toyota Tundra (modification of pizza got the name Tundra PIE Pro), which, moreover, the assurance of the automaker, do not pollute the environment, but now not about it.

The very “mobile kitchen” is composed of the fridge with pre-prepared products, robotic feed system and Assembly, as well as portable conveyor belt oven that can cook several pizzas at once. Cooked pizza will just have to put in the box.

“We are always looking for ways to be closer with our customers.” said chief operating officer of Pizza Hut Nicolas Burke. “Our basic idea is always the same: to bridge the gap between when the pizza is cooked, and the moment when the client starts to enjoy our product.”

According to the developers, the automated process of cooking a pizza takes 6-7 minutes. After receiving the order, first the robotic arm opens the fridge, picks up the blank and moves onto a conveyor belt furnace. When cooking is finished, the second robotic arm takes the pizza travels on a cutting Board, cut into 6 slices and put it into the box. Then the driver can pick up a pizza and send it to the client. But Pizza Hut plans to convert the system into Autonomous cars as soon as they’ll be widespread.

“Pizza Hut will test this prototype in real conditions in the coming months. We’re going to find out how such systems viable.”

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