#video | Quadcopters can be used for the construction of shelters in areas of disaster

Unmanned aerial vehicles have long been used in movies and entertainment, but they can be useful when performing more serious tasks. They have previously used in search and rescue operations, but one of the intelligence function, they are not limited to — Spanish firm MuDD Architects proved that quadcopters can even create a temporary disaster sites. The technology was showcased in Milan, within the design of the exhibition.

At the moment, the drone is unable to build the design from scratch so that it performs the role of assistant of these builders. In the beginning, people need self-assemble scaffold structures — for this they fasten to each other of bamboo. The quadcopter is included in the case only on the next step, helping builders to tighten the fabric design huge blanket.

Quadrocopters for the construction of shelters

To give the structure strength, stretched and secured cloth quadcopter sprays a mixture of clay, sand and rice husk. Then the drone begins to play the role of drying machine, and cleans the surface from moisture by means of air supplied through a long hose. The researchers hope that these measures, asylum will withstand strong wind and earthquake.

At the moment, the quadcopter is controlled by a real person via remote control. The company MuDD Architects is considering the idea on the introduction of sensors and software to automate the whole process of construction. In the future, the construction of shelters with the help of quadcopters will help reduce costs and time spent during the rescue of victims of earthquakes and other disasters.

Quadcopters are also used in the agricultural sector, helping to monitor the condition of the farms. In particular, we are talking about the protection of plants from diseases and increase yields through more careful maintenance. More information can be read in our material.

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