Video review: Sony XA2 Ultra — large and noteworthy

About Sony XA2 we have already told you, and now you can talk about the XA2 Ultra model presented at CES 2018, which is different from the younger version, not only the price and the size of the screen. Although a logical continuation of the XA2 to call it is still possible.

The word “Ultra” in the model name didn’t just appear. It really is that model, which draws on such a designation. First, it has a number of technical differences, and secondly, she has a really impressive size. It weighs about 220 grams, and this despite the fact that the rear wall is plastic, at least outwardly, and looks like aluminum. But the side faces are all made from this metal cruise.


XA2 Ultra thickness 9.5 mm, that is not enough, and the size of the case can be judged from the fact that the screen size is 6 inches. In size it nearly reaches for Xiaomi Mi MAX, which are always remember, when talking about a large body of the smartphone.

Externally, the body is made in the traditional Sony style. He is massive and angular. However, due to the lack on the bottom dynamics, as in the older models, the bottom looks a bit foreign.

The top is the speaker, proximity sensor, two lenses, flash and company logo, and the bottom — nothing. The lower strip of smaller width, which causes some controversy among fans of symmetry.

Charged XA2 Ultra, as expected, using USB Type-C, next to which is the speaker, and the top is a headphone Jack, which is now a lot argue.

Traditional tray for the SIM cards and memory cards, which is extracted without staples and other fine items left. It allows you not to sacrifice the second SIM card for the sake of the memory card, and gives the possibility to install simultaneously two cards, and memory cards. The memory card is placed in the tray, and next to it in a separate slot. Buttons, as it should be for Sony, right, and fingerprint scanner in the Power button no, it is predictable on the rear, under the camera.

Front camera

Camera XA2 Ultra is the first difference from the normal version of the XA2. However, this is only for the front camera, which has two modules. While they are located not next to each other, as is usually the case, but off. They do not give three-dimensional images and do not wind the depth of field. This is a common and wide-angle module.

In the XA2 the front facing camera was 8 megapixel lens with 120 degree. Version Ultra the main module has a resolution of 16 MP and wide angle — same old. His angle of 120 degrees and a resolution of 8 MP. In order to compensate for the low level lighting provided by the built-in front panel flash.

Normal shooting (88 degrees)

Wide angle (120 degrees)

It is worth noting that the 16-megapixel module has an optical image stabilization. While it is equipped with Exmor RS for mobile devices with the physical size of the sensor 1/2,6 inch, aperture f/2.0 and ISO 6400. Due to this, the pictures are really of good quality. The camera angle is 88%.

The main camera

The main camera is exactly the same as in the XA2. This is a 23 megapixel camera with a matrix 1/2,3 inch, hybrid autofocus, aperture f/2.0, ISO 12800, can record video in 4K and played back in slow motion 120 frames per second. A separate button to launch the camera is still here, it’s on the lower right side of the case.


The screen has a diagonal of 6 inches. This explains the size of the case. Nothing outstanding in the screen no, it’s just a quality screen with FullHD-resolution. More and it would be illogical to wait in is not the most expensive smartphone. The only negative is that he lacks a bit of brightness. Even if you raise it to max in bright light, the screen will still be dull. In other cases, the screen is very nice.


Works Sony XA2 Ultra running Snapdragon 630. It is OCTA-core, 14-nanometer, 64-bit processor 2.2 GHz. He’s not that new, but it has good energy efficiency and performance for modern games enough, if not to twist the settings to max and not to demand from him the possibilities of the masthead news.

RAM 4 GB, and a constant only 32 GB, but if that’s not enough, you can insert a memory card up to 256 GB. And operating system out of the box will be Android Oreo.


The XA2 Ultra battery has a capacity of 3580 mAh. Autonomy for all traditionally, and the output is one full day of use. When the screen is locked the energy is very small, and autonomy is greatly improved compared to other smartphones. If you constantly play online games, you get the same one day.

For greater efficiency and durability of the battery XA2 Ultra implemented all branded chips from Sony: Battery Care, STAMINA and quick charge Quick Charge 3.0. With them, the smartphone will be more efficient use of power and charged with operating conditions.


Do not forget about the music. In the end, the company has a legendary past in the field of audio and present good, do not neglect such things.

There is a technology that allows you to increase the volume of the music without losing its quality and ClearAudin+ and ClearBASS, which will adjust the EQ so that the sound was more balanced and clean. It will not allow you to upgrade the headphones for 300 rubles, but will still make the sound quality a little better.

The results

In the end, with the release of the XA2 Ultra we have another mighty smartphone from Sony, which has already accustomed us to the fact that is not going to make the devices like everyone else, and will continue to bend the line of its design. Already only this to their credit. No one will argue that their devices cannot please everyone, but they are distinctive and recognizable, unlike most of the rest.

Technology and the stuffing smartphones have always been too high. Even when not talking about top XZ, even relatively inexpensive models such as the XA2 and XA2 Ultra for its price very well-equipped. Especially for cameras that are though not the best in its segment but definitely one of the best. By the way, is Ultra XA2 about 30 000 rubles.

It can therefore be considered XA2 Ultra worthy smartphone for that he liked the fans of the brand and attracted the attention of those who don’t want to buy stamped clones with bangs on the screen.

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