Video review the advantages of the first beta version of iOS 12.3

Earlier this week, Apple released the demo version of the first developers of iOS 12.3. Comes this latest update directly in the following event services to the Apple TV. What’s new in the first beta version of iOS 12.3 that? Watch the video below to get more details.

As noted in the previous section, the re-design of the TV application, in addition to the guarantee service +Apple News, application News, and more.

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There are changes and features added are included in the demo version of the new, but there is no doubt that the TV application on the design of it not the largest share of these changes. This makes sense because the Apple display prominently the application of TV new in the event of the service by the latter.

The advantages of the first beta version of iOS 12.3

The most notable advantages consist in the presence of a new icon to apply the TV on the main screen and settings, and remove the Tab Sports وStore, in addition to the presence of new films, television programmes and sport, programmes for children at the top of the page to Watch Now.

Button new account in the upper right corner, the appearance of the section “For You” on page Watch Now, in addition to the Section “New and Noteworthy” on the same page, and other more plugins.

Will also support the contributions of Apple TV Channels, and new cards for movies and TV shows, and re-design the search page, the page movies with the new artwork. The more changes such as the application Apple TV Remote New.

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