Video review the Us How will Android 9 Pie on Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9+

Just two days ago, been running a preliminary version of the updated Android 9 Pie on the phone +Galaxy S9, said the developers in the XDA Developers with many of the images that won’t be some changes that come out of this update. Today, the developers at XDA Devlopers to publish a video review will an initial version of a bit Advanced update Android 9 Pie work on the phone Galaxy S9.

This initial version of the new has been run on a unit of the telecommunications company of America AT&T phone Galaxy S9 with the knowledge that the person who filmed this video deliberately to show most of the changes that come by this update, including apps that I also got a night mode. This video also introduce us to the Notifications section, which happened to turn on Night Mode cards information rotator angles.

Buttons quick switch ” Quick Toggles ” look different is that they are now round with a display of blue color in the buttons active. For one system working as a whole, it has now become clean and more simple, also thanks to reduce the chaos. As it is now displayed many of the apps in the tab of development ranked at the bottom of the screen.

I have changed the user interface of the camera to a large extent, including a way to change between camera modes, and you no longer need to travel toward the right and left to switch between modes. You can still drag down to switch between front camera and rear. He is using the shutter button for up and down for zoom, but it seems that Samsung has removed this feature finally.

You can watch the video below to see the rest of the changes that you might expect to see in Version 10 of the interface Samsung Experience with system Android 9 Pie in addition to changes that don’t work yet.

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