#video | Robot-amphibian moves anywhere without disturbing other animals

Robots that can move on land and swim in water that is no surprise. Most of them are equipped with blade screws, which rapid rotation can injure the land and marine life. As you can see, the engineers still have some work to do, and involved researchers from the universities of McGill and Pennsylvania — they introduced the Aqua2 robot, which uses its safe for the environment legs for movement, and swimming under water.

Commercialization of the robot has been the company Independent Robotics, which in 2013 have demonstrated a similar robot called RHex. In contrast, the new device, weighing 16.5 kilos can work on a single charge for about 5 hours, and lowered to a depth of 36.5 meters. It is remarkable that he is able to work both independently and guided by the commands of the remote operator.

Our mechanism is based on the fins, is much quieter and safer for marine life, explained one of the developers of the robot.

The robot can be used for search and rescue operations, but the most effective method of application is the monitoring of the marine environment. Unlike other devices, it can be run not only from boats and from the shore — he could swim to the right place. The required data can then be collected from on-Board cameras and sensors.

To afford such a robot can only large company is valued at an impressive 110 000 dollars. Maybe someday engineers will create a cheaper copy of the robot — for example, it can be as accessible as the robot Doggo from students at Stanford University. Watch as he performs stunts no worse than the robots from Boston Dynamics, it is possible in our material.

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