Video: robot ANYmal performs tasks not worse than SpotMini

Have developed by Boston Dynamics Spot robot Mini who knows how to open doors and walk up the stairs, there is a serious competitor. His name ANYmal — it was created by a team of engineers Anybotics, which is part of the company’s Robotic Systems Lab of ETH Zurich. In mid-September, the company posted a video, where the robot opens doors and performs other actions not worse than the Spot Mini.

At the beginning ANYmal gently opens the door with his mechanical hand. When this employee tries to help him light shocks, but the robot easily keeps the balance. In the following video, he lifts the bottle and throws it into the trash can. Also, the apparatus balancing a glass of water and helps to lift a box weighing 3.3 kg.

On the project website stated that ANYmal is a four — legged robot to perform tasks in difficult conditions. To recognize surrounding objects, constructing 3D maps and balance it uses optical and thermal cameras, microphones, sensors and active lighting. Design weighs 30 kg, so it is easy to transport.

The main part of the robot — actuator ANYdrive. It consists of motor, drive, titanium springs and a plurality of sensors. Details enclosed in a sealed metal block, is protected under the standard IP67. Hence it increases the lifetime of the devices — electronics are not afraid of moisture and dirt.

Mechanism built according to the ALMA, or Articulated Locomotion and Manipulation. English name can be translated as “Elbow movement and manipulation”.

Anybotics intends to release a ANYmal on sale for use in industry, mapping areas and even in entertainment, but the release date is unknown. The competing robot SpotMini will go on sale in 2019

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