Video| robot explains LG introduced at CES 2018

Cause robot “Chloe” CLOi in spoiling the view of the company “LG” LG Electronics, and in the embarrassment of the company representative on stage when he refused to respond to his commands and refused to cooperate with him, so during the Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas, held in the period between 9 to 12 January.

It was supposed to become a robot “Chloe” CLOi “LG” LG star shows the company in the exhibition, as a piece of high-tech artificial intelligence and as a personal the management system of the smart home, however, did not respond to the orders updated on the stage for most of the time.

While the description users view “LG” LG”failure” on the social media sites, saw the specialists what happened as a guide to accelerate the company’s technical participation in the International side full of their products so.

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