Video.. Shawty reveal her smart phone rollaway

The company revealed a shawty Xiaomi of China, for the manufacture of electronics, smart phones, video phone its smart folding, and shows where its founder and Chairman Lin between a used phone.

According to the video, it is folded tip the phone down and cut the Middle out, to turn of the computer tablet (tablet) to the size of the smartphone usual, a design that is praised by many specialists, describing it use the most practical concept of folding smartphone, rather than a preliminary design of the flexible announced by other companies regarding smart phones, folding until now.

While I didn’t reveal Shawty any details about her smart phone foldable, pointed out the chairman noted that this model is the engineering model of the phone, which beat by Shawty on a series of technical problems, such as problem screen flexible folding and the cover is flexible and adapted to interface the user with the process of folding, has appeared in the video response of the flexible system and off the phone with the process of folding during the operation of one of the video clips.

Several companies world-renowned have announced the exchange of its intention to issue smart phone foldable, Samsung and Huawei Huawei and Lenovo Lenovo LG LG, but the first companies that issued the smart phone retractable already had Company, “Roy fields” Royole, the Chinese-based United States of America, which announced its phone “lose” FlexPai folding at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019 the beginning of the month.

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