Video shows cell phone Mi 8 associated with of Shao back transparent

The company intends Shawty ad for a phone Xiaomi Mi-8 during a special event will be on 31 May.

Since the launch of the first smartphone manufacturers are not consistent in the provision of different colors, so they understand the “vary” the names of the new colors known to everyone, then it seemed to him that there are users who prefer to have the back of the phone but the color; transparent to show what’s in it, already started in the last year companies follow this trend, such as HTC, it now appears that the company Shao think join.

Having confirmed the company Shao yesterday that it intends to hold an event on 31 May the current understanding of the calling card that will serve to advertise phone Xiaomi Mi-8, which will come to celebrating 8 years of existence, posted on the YouTube video said that the phone associated with.

In the short video, which did not exceed 09 seconds, we see the back of a transparent phone with two cameras wallpaper as my camera phone iPhone X from Apple, as we have seen the interface of the phone which didn’t show much of the details except that the screen is coming with a bump broad looks just like the bump iPhone X.

And the date happened to Shawty the end of the month, we recall that the leaks talking about a phone with a processor type Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and sensitive fingerprint under the screen and the three-dimensional scan of the face. Also talking about random access memory “RAM” size of 8 GB, and battery capacity of 4,000 mAh with wireless charging support.

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