Video song Selena Gomez fully illustrated iPhone 11 pro

Usually Apple’s marketing for the camera iPhone, and through powerful advertising campaigns include the dissemination of images captured by the hashtag especially like #ShotOniPhone except that the giant of Cupertino has taken the biggest step this year with the iPhone 11 pro.

Today was the launch of the music video for the song “Lose You To Love Me” of the famous singer Selena Gomez, which was filmed entirely using the iPhone 11 Pro, which came directed by Sophie Muller it is one of the leading directors of music videos at all.

If you share the same video you’ll notice that Apple has a challenge on her phone through it, this is where that export is not using any natural light has also been limited to black and white! Definitely a video clip like this got the luck of a wide range of editing and adjustments, but the fact that filming has only been using a smart phone is the fact amazing.

This is not the first time that happen something like this, where Google last year, has teamed up with the world demand John Legend has been filming one of his songs and using the phone camera Pixel 2 as that Apple itself has a ring made from the series Modern Family earlier in 2015 using the iPhone 6.

Source: PhoneArena

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