Video: Speed Test between Huawei P30 Pro Galaxy +S10

Among the many tests the speed of the phones, the PhoneBuff is characterized by its adoption by a robot without human intervention, what makes it more credible.

And do not cross the speed test phones here for Trade available or efficiency of the performance of the machine, where it chooses the speed of opening applications the first phase and re-open it from the background the second phase, i.e. testing the efficiency of the management of the Ram.

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In the first phase, it seems that both phones were able to open applications at the same speed with a simple miss in the open games for Galaxy +S10, and in the second phase we managed phones maintain all of the applications open in the background without the need to re-launch again, thanks to the RAM capacity of 8 gigabytes, so the Miss Galaxy S10 the final outcome was to do it in the launch games.

In light of the convergence of the capabilities of therapists Kirin 980 users 855 application RAM used on my phone Huawei P30 Pro Galaxy +S10, the superiority of the latter is often due to the tricks of the software used for the management of RAM is responsible for keeping the applications open in the background.

It is worth mentioning that phones Galaxy S10 that’s available in the Arab region come with a processor Exynos 9820, we can say that the same powerful Snapdragon 855 almost; the latter might overtake him in a non-tangible in some of the tasks.

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