Video| system of the “Intel” Smart feed on the pitfalls of Google

Arguably the most important in the system of the Intel Intelligent “Fontana” Vaunt is a piece that has been decommissioned and excluded completely from Google glass earlier, there is no camera arouse suspicion in the heart of the look at you, and the button has to be pressed, and the screen available or the arm of the stranger in front of the lenses, and a headset or microphone (at least so far).

Similar to system “Fontana” Vaunt its regular counterpart without the presence of noticeable difference, once you wear it, the information that is projected directly on the retina, to a user of the glasses clearly as if he was chasing her on the small screen high-definition are placed in front of his eyes.

In essence, the operating system “Fontana” Vaunt cross-connect Android phones Android and iPhone iPhone using Bluetooth, in the same way as connection to smart watches with these phones, which receive commands from the application running in the background to, and expected display simple messages such as trends and development, when fully developed not augmented reality AR.

The system “Fontana” Vaunt by the low beam energy and is safe from the laser adds a monochrome image with an area of 400 X 150 pixels on a reflective hologram (three-dimensional) lens on glasses right, for the image in the back of the eyeball and control the network, and then can be seen quite clearly without the need for an external screen in front of the eyes.

As of the date of issuance of the glasses market, the “Intel” Intel intends to climb the route taken by the “Google” Google 5 years ago when launching the system, we will launch the Intel Software to access the building to developers during the current year, except that there is no official date announcing the start put the glasses in the market or news about the price.

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