Video technology application for the first time in the AFC Champions League – Middle East Asharq Al-awsat

The AFC announced, on Monday, that video-assisted technology (VR) will be adopted for the first time in the AFC Champions League, starting with the quarter-finals scheduled for next September.

The prestigious continental competition will resume its activities in mid-September after a six-month hiatus due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, specifically since last March, after the second round of the group stage, after a travel ban was imposed.

In a statement, the AFC said, “The AFC continues its commitment to developing arbitration and elevating it to new levels, as it has decided to implement the video assistant referee (VAR) technology from the quarter-finals of the 2020 AFC Champions League, where this technology will be applied for the first time. In the club competitions of the Union ».

The statement added that the AFC "has organized many video assistant refereeing sessions since March 2017, and the federation has made steady and successful steps in implementing this system approved by the International Football Association and the International Football Council."

Asian football witnessed the application of video assistant referee technology for the first time in 2019, starting from the quarter-finals of the AFC Asian Cup in the UAE, before the system was applied to all 32 matches in the AFC U-23 Championship 2020 in Thailand.

The statement continued: “In order to prepare for the implementation of the video assistant referee system in the AFC Champions League, the AFC is conducting a workshop for the Video Assistant Information System coordinator, during the period from August 26 this year, to ensure that the video assistant system coordinators are kept informed of the latest Developments of this technology ».

He explained: "The video assistant referee system seeks to achieve the least interference with the greatest benefit, and it is limited in its application to only four cases, which are the decision to count the goal, penalty kicks, direct red cards, or a mistake in determining the identity of the player."

The quarter-final matches for the West Continent teams will start on September 30, and the East will start on November 25, and the final match will be held on December 5.

There are still four rounds to finish the group stage of the Champions League competition, in which 32 teams (eight groups) participate.

The AFC had previously confirmed the selection of the Qatari Federation for the game, in order to host the 2020 AFC Champions League matches for the West Asia region, from the group stage to the semi-finals, which take place from September 14 to October 3. 2020.

The AFC had previously confirmed its commitment to completing the club competitions for the year 2020, with the grouping system, whereby all group stage matches for the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup are held, according to the original system, while the play-off round matches are held from one round.

The deadline for submitting applications to host the AFC Champions League matches was July 13, 2020.

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