#video | Tesla Model 3 has passed the “moose test” is better than other models

Modern cars are able to gain a very high speed, so their maneuverability is very important for the safety of the driver and passengers. To find out how accurately and quickly the car can go around sudden obstacles, like crossing the road animals, researchers carried out a so-called “elk test”. It recently passed the car Tesla Model 3 — the organizer of the test was a Spanish car magazine km77. The car was able to fit into tight turns rather than SUV Tesla Model X.

Typically, the test is performed strictly in dry weather, on paved ground with traffic cones as shown below. Before you start in, the car is loaded to its nominal capacity, and only after passing a series of obstacles, sharply moving left and right. In each race the speed of the vehicle increases until, until he begins to lose control and knock down cones.

Tesla Model 3 successfully passed the cones until then, until it reached the speed of 88 miles per hour — after overcoming this threshold, the driver no longer cope with the management. According to journalists from km77, the car passed the test perfectly, because the few who are able to maintain maneuverability even at 70 miles per hour.

Two years ago this same test passed Tesla Model X. Like other SUVs, at high speeds, he began to experience problems with management. Before testing the Tesla Model 3, the journalists were sure that he survives the ordeal better SUV.

The safety of the driver and passengers, the company Tesla pays a lot of attention. Its cars even have a special design that allows you to seamlessly cut the body to pieces for the rescue of people after accidents. Read more about the features of cars Tesla can be read in our material.

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