Video: the appearance of the Galaxy +S10 protector screen special

Still leaks Galaxy S10 ready one week prior to the official announcement, the latest of which was the appearance of +S10 in the video emphasizes the problem of the reader the compact footprint of the company.

I confirmed Samsung officially reader fingerprint built-in screen Galaxy S10 +S10 adopts the technique of “ultrasound” to be faster than the competitors in the market, but according to leaks the reader insight does not work with the protector and the screen.

It seems that what appears in the video is a screen protector made specifically for Galaxy S10 +and S10 so that the working reader insight through it, and as you can see shows the cut around the camera sensors, and a large circle about the place of the reader footprint.

If that is true, it seems that the reader of InSight will be held with the limited space of the screen similar to the reader insight into the phones of a lot of competitors.

Finally, the registration of that the screen protector will arrive in a box phones Galaxy S10, and probably comes installed on the phones.

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