Video: the appearance of the phone Shawty rollaway

While Samsung plans to reveal the phone by folding the 20th day of February next, many other companies are working on phones and other similar, which is confirmed by the latest video between me, the president of Shawnee and its founder Plugin to publish it on his personal account with the website weibo.

Review the chairman of the Shawty in the video phone company folding double New, where you can fold the opening side to form the tablet.

Although the phone is still in the stages of the first Test, but it looks great already, while many expect to suffer from a problem based on the use of it for long periods.

This was announced by the head of the Shao that the company has already managed to solve many technical problems, and with the presence of Hamas is a big fan of the company for the experience of this phone, certainly we’ll see it officially.

Source: weibo

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