#video | the Creation of the physical 3D graphics with interactive drones

Any technology sooner or later reaches the stage of development when it is beyond their own limits. Take for example the flying drones. There is already a lot of models, which shoots HD video, holds a markup on location and even follow the master. But a group of engineers from Canada has decided to collect drones in the “pack” and use them to create a real “physical” 3D graphics.

The group is headed by Roel Vertegaal from Queen’s University in Kingston. For the implementation of the technology, the experts used 15 small drones BitDrone, each of which is placed in a cubic frame of size 10 inches. To manage this cluster of drones does not require any special controllers with a dozen buttons — all done by hand. In addition, each drone keeps track not only their position in space, but it also monitors the rest of the swarm of aircraft, but also for its location among the entire group. Each Drona fixed reflective elements, and the corners of the room the cameras are tracking. all objects.

Well, the interesting thing is the control system. It is carried out with touching one or more drones and indicate they gesture further action. At the same time to control the vehicle, not necessarily one person. Them, the assurance of developers, operators can be several. You can also select “interoperability” — how exactly drones will copy the behavior of each other. Of drones you can create different “almost three-dimensional” objects and interactive screens. “Almost” because drones have propellers and they fail to fully have over each other.

It is worth noting that the technology is still in the prototype stage, but in the future the developers promise to fix all the flaws and increase the number of drones for the formation of more complex structures. And if you imagine that each drone can be equipped with its own screen technology you can find a lot of applications. And while you can see with a curious invention of the read more with the help of video available below.

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