#video | the Crew of “Soyuz MS-11” has successfully landed in Kazakhstan

In December 2018 on the International space station was sent three cosmonauts: Russian Oleg Kononenko, canadian David Saint-Jacques and his wife Anne McClain. They worked at the station for seven months, and now successfully returned to Earth inside a manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-11”. The landing took place in the steppes of Kazakhstan, about 140 kilometers from the city of Zhezkazgan — military group with the medical team and the necessary equipment has already reached the place, and the astronauts are safe.

During his stay Kononenko, Saint-Jacques and McClain on the ISS, much work had been done. First, the crew successfully took the cargo ships Crew Dragon, Cygnus, and “Progress MS-11”. Secondly, it was carried out five spacewalks: two Russian and three American program. Thirdly, since a space station with the help of a mechanical manipulator repeatedly launching small satellites.

Landing of spacecraft “Soyuz MS-11” was successful

The spacecraft “Soyuz MS-11” successfully undocked from the International Space Station at 2:25 a.m. in Moscow. Started to fall, from the descent module separated instrument-aggregate and household compartment, which was subsequently safely burned up in the atmosphere. Upon entering the atmosphere and opening the parachute, the vehicle landed at 5:47 a.m., and the astronauts successfully came out of the capsule.

Astronauts met twelve helicopters: two Mi-8 from Baikonur, two from Karaganda and eight from the airport Zhezkazgan. Also on the landing flew two planes An-12 and one An-26 — they brought 200 soldiers of the County, 20 vehicles, medical team and equipment.

Now on the ISS continues the crew of the “MS-60”, composed of Russian Alexei Ovchinin (took command), and Americans Tyler Hague and Christine cook. They will work on the station until 20 July 2019 — later to be joined by the next crew Alexander Skvortsov, Luke Parmitano and Andrew Morgan.

In addition to people, the ISS also has a robotic for example, recently the station has been tested robot bee “Bumble”. It, and similar robots from the project “Astrobee” will be used to perform routine tasks. More interesting facts about them can be read in our material.

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