#video | the Inhabitant of Novosibirsk invented a wheelchair controlled by thought

Modern technology should not only improve the lives of ordinary people, but also to help those who, for one reason or another can not live a full life. For example, recently a graduate of the Novosibirsk state technical University (NSTU) presented a wheelchair controlled only by thought. This invention can regain the ability to move a huge number of people with disabilities.

First and foremost, the new device aims to completely paralyzed people, which remained intact only the brain. Wheelchair provides an opportunity not only to go on a flat surface, but, due to the presence of the caterpillar traction to climb and descend steep slopes, stairs, and even to overcome curbs. The impulses in the brain are read by a special helmet and converted to the computer system device into commands that drive the stroller in motion.

Rather there was an interesting story of the creation of the wheelchair: 3 years ago by the author of devices Ivan Nevzorov asked the man who could move only his neck. He asked the inventor to create a system that would allow to control the wheelchair only by using the head and neck. The team has successfully coped with the task, and then decided to go even further, resulting in and there was a wheelchair controlled by thought. Now, the authors modify the security system of the device in order to as quickly as possible to release the device to market, and in the future engineers want to proceed with the development of a multifunctional bed, which will also be operated by impulses in the brain. Learn more about innovative wheelchair you can see from the video below.

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