Video – the Oppo review the first phone with a camera the bottom of the screen!

The conference MWC Shanghai 2019 already in China with a large range of posts and Special Offers, comes the announcement of the Oppo as one of the most important of those performances that grabbed attention, it reviewed the company’s first phone with a camera down the screen amid the admiration of the audience.

أوبو تستعرض أول هاتف مع كاميرا أسفل الشاشةOBO review the first phone with a camera the bottom of the screen

Were previous leaks have pointed to the work of each of the Oppo those phones with the camera bottom of the screen, noted the declaration of the former first announced its plan to reveal the phone during this month, which is what we had already seen in the exhibition MWC Shanghai 2019 .

Made the Oppo gave a presentation on the technology front camera bottom of the screen design, where the repeated part of the screen at the top of the lens from a transparent material, a unique high with the structure of the Pixel was redesigned to ensure the light transmittance is optimal, the camera features also a different design – they are equipped with large, large sensor, and the size of the largest Pixel counter any refraction of light.

Oppo with camera bottom of the screen :

Usually the camera captures the photo when the light hits the sensor through the optics, but the presence of solid material in the top in case a front camera bottom of the screen, may make the image blurry, but Oppo said that there are three algorithms to improve the performance of the camera without exposing the screen performance is compromised.

The first of these algorithms is the availability of the color white as the company adjustments, special and calibration of color against any light sources may hinder the image, then there is an algorithm to HDR which increase the brightness in the shadows, finally working algorithm to remove the haze problem of the existence of a solid “screen” the top of the lens.

Said OBO they offer a smartphone for the future “flawless”, but did not announce any specifications or prices facing the future, the act of the company stating that the phone will be launched “in the near future.”

Watch the video at the top tell us in the comments about your opinion on this design..

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