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Smartphone users often need repairs. We have collected the most interesting questions, handed them over to the experts and got the answers. In addition, we looked at how the replacement of the screen and is ready to tell everything.

Reader question:

Accidentally deleted from LeEco Le2 all the data, resetting it to factory settings. Is it possible to recover photos from internal memory?

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No, if you reset, you are formatting a partition on a flash memory where user data is stored. All of them are destroyed.

Reader question:

Highscreen Razr after authorization requests to enter account information. Restore them and get the old owner is not obtained. Is it possible to make it work and how much it costs?

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Yes it is possible but you will have to prove that the device belongs to you (check box is set, the contract of purchase and sale, etc.). The cost varies on the complexity, understand it is possible only after diagnosis.

Reader question:

Huawei Nova 2 freezes and you have to wait until the smartphone will sit down and switches itself off. How to reboot if the screen does not respond to touch? And how to fix the problem with frequent freezes?

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To reboot the device, it is required to clamp and hold for 15 seconds the button “power” and “volume down”.

Hovering can be associated with a software problem and will need to re-flash the device and the problem on the Board. More precisely possible to tell only after diagnostics.

Reader question:

There are suspicions that on my Samsung S7 has got the virus. How best to deal with them? Is it possible to reliably clean them myself or should I contact service?

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Viruses are rare on modern smartphones, but nevertheless they exist. The best way to deal with them is a complete reinstall ON smartphone with data loss. What you have no visual contact with the apparatus is difficult to say. If you can flash the device yourself, you can do it, if in doubt about their abilities, better to turn to professionals in the service.

Reader question:

In Honor 7x bad catches network. Sometimes everything works fine but sometimes the connection just disappears. Faced with this several times a day. Such a problem can be fix on their own (e.g., flashing) or should I go to the service?

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On these devices the problem may be in software or on Board. It is possible to tell only after diagnostics.

Reader question:

Not so long ago broke the display on my Sony XZ Premium. The crack is not that big, but sometimes annoying. How much will it cost to repair and is it worth it to do? Or better not to touch the screens if they in General work?

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If the crack on the display bothers you, it is best to replace the display module on your smartphone, turning to a certified service center and installing the original components, they are more expensive, but better . The cost will be from 5000 rubles depending on the model and quality you choose. It is always better to approach the service center and consult on the spot.

Reader question:

Stopped working power button, LG G6. It is combined with the fingerprint scanner. Can it be replaced and how much it will cost?

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Yes, it is possible to replace. At a cost hard to say, because the necessary diagnosis, perhaps the problem is not the loop button, and in the circuit Board or the connector on the Board. The cost from 1000 rubles, more precisely possible to tell only after diagnostics.

Screen replacement Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Before beginning any work on the disassembly of the smartphone will need to remove the Sim card.

After this hook and remove the roof to gain access to the fastening elements.

Disconnect the ribbon cable of the fingerprint scanner.

After that, you will need to Unscrew the unit which is the speaker and the GSM antenna.

The next step will be to disable the other antenna, responsible for the connection through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and GPS reception.

When the antenna is finished, you will need to remove the vibration motor.

In the end we got access to the Board, which we need to disconnect all Flex cables and dismantle it.

Remove the battery and unstick the trail of broken display, which need to be replaced. For dismantling will need to soften the glue. After 3-5 minutes, the display can be removed and proceed to remove adhesive residue.

Removing all the pieces and glue residue, you can proceed directly to the installation of a new display. Before installing a new display it is necessary to put the reflector from the old.

After that, the frame surface must be degreased and apply it glue.

At this stage, will again have to heat up the smartphone in order to soften the glue. It will also take about three minutes, after which it will be necessary to press densely the display to the body for better fixation. In this position, he needs to cool for 3-5 minutes.

After 3-5 minutes it is necessary to check the connection at the presence of cracks. If not, you can continue assembling the remaining parts of smartphone. It is made in the reverse sequence. First, set the Board and plug the ribbon cable of the display.

Fasten charge and connect all the remaining loops, and the vibration motor.

Install the upper antenna and the lower antenna unit and the speaker.

Glue the battery and blown the chamber in which the process could get dust.

After this will only set the warranty seal to connect the fingerprint scanner and close the lid.

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