#video | The robot with flexible feet better robots Boston Dynamics?

For many years we have constantly told you about robots from us company Boston Dynamics and recently paid special attention to four-legged model called SpotMini. It is really interesting, because having four legs gives it force enough even for towing a multi-ton truck. It is also worth noting that she has a mechanical arm that can open doors and lift various loads. In the coolness of the robot SpotMini no doubt, but he’s got a four-legged competitor, called ALPHRED2. There is a suspicion that he is better than our pet.

ALPHRED2 the robot is able to walk on two legs

ALPHRED2 four-legged robot developed by a team of engineers called RoMeLa, which in its history had to collaborate even with major aviation companies Boeing and Lockheed Martin. He looks unremarkable and is typical of most robots “naked” body, looking at which you can see the motors and other component parts of the robot. Differences from other robots are concluded in the design of the feet — while at the same SpotMini they are bent in one direction only, from ALPHRED2 they move in both directions, which provides greater mobility and opportunities.

SpotMini robot from Boston Dynamics

The design of a robot with four legs

Four identical legs of the robot mounted on a vertical motorized hinges. Each of them consists of three sections, which also distinguishes it from the rest of the brethren, the limbs consisting of only two parts. At the end of each leg there is an additional smaller section, through which the robot can hold objects and keep the balance when stands on two legs.

ALPHRED2 robot can be your personal mover

It's another thing — here Chinese robot Liakago can be your means of transportation

Yes, unlike SpotMini, the robot ALPHRED2 able to stand on two legs, and to drag objects. Moreover, if necessary, it can balance on three legs and to hit hard the released limb. We have to admit that hitting this robot can be very — in the second minute of the video you can see how it sputters secured wooden Board. This ability SpotMini robot from Boston Dynamics is clearly not enough, because in the future it will be used not only in construction and rescue operations, but also to participate in the fighting.

Why the need for the robot?

According to the developers, the speed of movement of the robot ALPHRED2 on a flat surface is half a meter per second. In addition to the usual walk, he is capable of extremely high jumping and roller-skating. You can verify this by watching the video below, the developers have secured on the case of tiny wheels, so the robot was moving, pushing down from the floor. Isn’t it cool? Let’s discuss in our Telegram chat.

As can be seen, the robot ALPHRED2 rife. However, unfortunately, this robot is unlikely to be available and to be something used in the near future. Most likely, researchers will continue to improve their offspring, because he has a lot of prospects. Alternatively, it can be useful in construction, and even to perform the duties of the staff in cafes and restaurants.

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