#video | the Spectacular flight of a new version of the flying taxi Vahana

Engineers of large companies think not only about modern technologies, but also look ahead. In 2016, Airbus started development of the aircraft project Vahana, and in 2018, has tested his first sample called Alpha One. Testing of prototypes has been ongoing for several years, and the fiftieth edition of the test apparatus was finally demonstrated its capability of flying long distances. Perhaps in the future helicopters hopelessly obsolete, and will replace the devices with this design.

Airbus Vahana

Testing of the prototype with the name of Alpha Two was conducted at the site of Oregon for five hours. Each flight lasted at least 7 minutes — the device managed to score an impressive top speed of 97 km/h during the flight, he collected data from the sensors that will be used to fix problems in the following samples of the apparatus Vahana.

In a video released we can see how the device is easily soars to a height of about 64 meters. After vertical take-off he leans forward and during movement changes the tilt of their wings at 30 degrees, due to which it reaches a speed of 57 km/h. Picking up speed, the device is able to perform all the basic maneuvers.

Video shows how safe, versatile and can be aircraft in the next ten years. It is expected that Airbus Vahana and similar devices will be the best transport to overcome the middle distance.

Its analogues are already in development. For example, the British Aerospace firm Samad intends to create a business jet Starling Jet with capacity for up to 10 people and possibility of overcoming of 2400 kilometers.

Do you think you will get accustomed to such devices in the future, and when it starts flying taxi? Your opinion write in the comments and don’t forget to join in our Telegram chat!

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