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Robots for the delivery of parcels there are so many, but most of them can’t walk even to the door of recipient — they interfere with the steep stairs in front of the houses. The Japanese company Amoeba Energy solved this problem fairly easily by equipping the robot-courier soft tracked chassis that clings to the protrusions and allows him to confidently climb even the steep spiral stairs. While this is only a prototype, but mass production is scheduled for 2020.

According to the engineer USEA Kujira, the caterpillars of the ethylene-propylene rubber-provide greater contact area of robotic construction with exposed surfaces. Published by the developers of the video you can see that the robot really quickly and steadily climbs the steep stairs — tracked blocks during motion compressed, and cling firmly to the steps.

Robots Amazon has a competitor

It seems that designers of robots Amazon Scout cost to equip them with such caterpillars. Instead, they used a simple wheel and, as a result, in some cases, robotic couriers are not able to take the parcel to the front door of the recipients. Who knows — maybe someday they will be replaced by robots Amoeba Energy?

Amazon has created robots to deliver packages, but they can’t walk up and down the stairs, so to get a package, people still have to go over the threshold of his house. We believe that our soft and comfortable robot that can climb stairs, finally automatiseret the delivery of packages — shared And Kujirai.

The commercial version of the robot Amoeba Energy will be called AE-01, and will be able to lift cargo weighing up to 6 pounds. His body, like caterpillars, will be covered with a soft material — as if the creators were not sure of his offspring, no one can guarantee that it will not fall down the stairs right at people.

What robot do you like more — Energy from Amoeba, or from Amazon? To answer the question and give my arguments in the comments, or in our Telegram chat.

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