#video | These worms can gnaw stones, but why?

In ancient times the builders and owners of ships was terrified of the so-called messin ‘ — mollusks from the family of ship worms, which spoil the ship eating their wood. Researchers from northeastern University have discovered a new species of these creatures, which possess greater strength and are able to gnaw through the deep holes, even in rocks. The new species was named Lithoredo abatanica, and researchers still actively engaged in their learning.

About the unusual creatures scientists said the inhabitants of the island of Bohol, which is located in the Philippine archipelago. Shellfish was discovered on the river Ataban, and scientists have noted that they are really very different from other ship hearts. In comparison with the other types, they do not have the jagged tool on the front of the torso, but have a look similar to a spatula tools. The length of the white body is from five to ten inches.

Found worms that eat rocks

The habitat of the new species of worms are large stones, which they do a lot of moves. During proburivaja they eat pieces of stones — this was proved during the autopsy. By placing the worms in the bowl, the researchers found that subsequently formed the limestone worms release out through the siphon, which is designed to remove waste.

Researchers still don’t know what the purpose of shellfish eaten use Sandstone, but they have a couple of assumptions. Perhaps worms use tiny fragments of stones for grinding they eat plankton — the same way works the digestive system of birds. There is also the possibility that the worms had somehow learned how to get stones nutrients, but this theory requires a thorough review.

With all this, worms Lithoredo abatanica not at all interested in eating wood — the researchers looked at lying beside the holed stone, the trees, and they were untouched. Also the new species of molluscs not found part of the body with bacteria, which help his fellow men to digest cellulose.

Worms are among the most numerous species of living organisms on planet Earth. In the course of their study scientists make unexpected discoveries — for example, it was found that some of them produce substances that stop the aging process.

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