Video| This is a Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S10+ before formally unveiled!

In the leaked video, the back of the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S10+, before formally unveiled, on 20 February, according to the material previously identified by Samsung Samsung.

The video leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ during the verification test to protect the screen, back clear, as confirmed by the recent trends of design skinny dialogue of the company, the sensor footprint of the bottom of the phone screen, as well as the front camera, which is placed in the cavity in the corner of the upper screen, a dual camera will be present in the model Galaxy S10+ only, while believed strongly that the rest of the models of S10 will be the front camera alone.

It is expected that the sold phone Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S10+ $ 1150 approximately $ (approximately 20 thousand Egyptian pounds), it will be worth 6.4-inch screen.

Stop behind the leaking of the video website “mobile art” Mobile Fun technical, thanks to his intensive contacts within China, as announced by the website.

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