#video | this year’s First successful launch of the New Shepard Blue Origin

Private aerospace company Blue Origin, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, held a successful launch of the New Shepard, and then fit the waste stage and the crew capsule, which will be used for space tourism. This is the first launch of a rocket New Shepard in 2019 and in General this is the tenth successful test for the company. With each new test, Blue Origin has become one step closer to beginning commercial activities for the provision of space services.

New Shepard is a fully reusable rocket. In other words, almost every element of the system can be restored for reuse. It consists of two main parts – the actual, the accelerator (booster), and capsules in which you plan to deliver people to a height of about 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Having reached this height, and the accelerator capsule are disconnected and the people on Board the capsule will be able to feel all the effects of weightlessness. After some time, and booster, and the capsule will descend gently back to the surface; the accelerator will gently sit through re-run of the engine, and the capsule is due to parachute system.

For the preparation of the New Shepard for commercial use Blue Origin for several years conducting unmanned test one of their test ranges in Western Texas (USA). During the recent launch of a rocket that was launched three times (1 in 2017 and 2% in 2018) managed to get to a height of 106 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Previous modification New Shepard flew in space 5 times, until 2016, the company is not replaced by a new version.

The company promised soon to provide even more improved version of the New Shepard – it will be used for the first commercial launch, which is planned for this year. The exact timing of this launch, however, remain unknown. Despite earlier rumors that went that opportunity to feel the weightlessness and enjoy the beauty of the Earth with each passenger New Shepard will ask for 200 000 for the ticket, the company does not sell any tickets and not even voiced by the expected value.

Despite the fact that today’s launch was unmanned, aboard the New Shepard were eight scientific experiments. The company has signed an agreement with aerospace Agency NASA, and provides various training institutions the opportunity to conduct in the framework of the test runs on their own research projects in microgravity. At each start inside a New Shepard for a few moments, the conditions of weightlessness, which is a perfect environment for scientific experiments. For example, in the framework of the launch aboard the rocket was the equipment performing the measurement of the strength of the electromagnetic field around the rocket. Also, here’s a thought experiment, aimed at understanding how to organize cooling electronics with high-density arrangement of elements.

Originally this launch was scheduled for late December 2018, however, Blue Origin decided to migrate due to some problems with ground infrastructure required for it. Yesterday, the company also decided to postpone the start a day later. Today at 9:50 a.m. local time (TX) the launch still took place. Despite the fact that Blue Origin usually does not advertise its launches, this time the company conducted a live broadcast from the launch site. Her entry can be viewed below. Launch preparation begins 40 minutes:

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