Video trailer reveals a slider design phone Honor Magic 2

This theme video trailer reveals a slider design phone Honor Magic 2 appeared on Engadget.

Use Honor to detect phone Honor Magic 2 on the 31st of October, in the latest video trailer for the phone review the company design slider for the front vehicle.

Expect announcements and leaks about the next versions of smartphones, and today the lights on the phone Honor Magic 2 associated with the advertisement at the end of this month.

But before the official announcement review the Honor today’s video trailer for Honor Magic 2, with a slider design for the front vehicle in the phone.

The slider design for the front vehicle which is provided at the Oppo Find X for the first time one of the directions taken by the phone manufacturers as an alternative to net top that houses the camera front, in order to make full use of every pixel on the screen.

It is planned to witness the launch of phone Mi Mix 3 design, also on the 25th of October, i.e. before the official announcement of the phone Honor Magic 2.

Recall that the video headline did not disclose any other details about the phone Honor Magic 2, but some predictions indicate that the phone houses the processor chip Kirin 980 possible, as the phone supports charger 40W.


This theme video trailer reveals a slider design phone Honor Magic 2 appeared on Engadget.

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