Video trailer Samsung emphasizes the distinctive design in her phone rollaway

Trending a lot of attention to San Francisco in anticipation of the start of the conference Samsung this year, to detect the series phones Galaxy S10 and folding that comes out the best design according to the video painting The Last of the company.

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Reviewed Samsung during last year’s peeps the first to design a phone of its folding, which revealed officially during the conference the 20th of February, and with a lot of lights that leave the new specification series Galaxy S10, Samsung has launched a teaser to attract her attention need folding, which also comes with a premium design this year.

Comes Video headline with the words “The Future Unfolds” to avoid the attention of users and media channels of the new issuance folding, which launched many of the questions after the presentation of the first prototype for the design of the phone.

Projections indicate that Samsung will be the final model of the phone by folding, as will be officially a brand that goes by the first version of flip phones to the market, is also expected to make a formal announcement about the launch date of the phone to the markets.

May not be the Samsung first companies to reach markets with her phone rollaway, but the company’s history as one of the pioneers of manufacturing a phone in the world, attracts the attention of a lot of users and media channels in anticipation of the launch edition to the year 2019.


I know of

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