Video – Vivo is preparing to launch the NEX 2 this month screen!

To know Vivo for a successor phone to its flagship vivo NEX very soon, under the processing of the company’s major New began propaganda posters and advertising in the impressions of light on the official App Store for the company online, which revealed more details of the vivo NEX 2 .

Is likely to be the launch phone vivo NEX 2 also known as NEX S2 on 11 December, the current, and it is expected to hold the company a big event to celebrate the launch of the phone representative, who may come a Ram infusion up to 10 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of up to 128 GB according to the latest leaks from the web site of the Chinese.

For its part, the Vivo deployment of the trailer to a mobile phone with blurred shots of the device, which looks like it came of the phone with the screen display!

Video trailer for vivo NEX 2 :

So far there is no confirmed information about the details of the Knicks 2, but it is likely that the phone comes with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, the screen for Main and background, with sensor fingerprint built-in front screen.

Finally, it is likely to exceed the device price of the phone $ 650 in China, perhaps we are seeing in Europe versus 849 Euros .

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